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Tomislav Mesic

Engineer, Lecturer, Founder

Professionally speaking, whole my life I'm in Web business in a wide variety of project roles. From UI/UX Design to Graphic/Web Design, Front-End/Backend development and Project Management but If I need to describe myself with one word then ... I'm an engineer. In my professional life I've been focused on client/server web technologies as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Also interested in web standards and guidelines.

I'm also Lecturer at University College in domain of Content Management Systems, Online Mentor (mentoring courses in domain of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Technologies and Basics of Inernet Security) and Adobe Certified Treainer (Web Program, HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver).

3linear, my own small company is strongly focused on Web Front-End Architecture, Design, Development and Information Architecture.

My specialties are Web Front-End Architecture, Development, Information Architecture and Design, Web and Mobile GUI Design and Development, Web Usability, Web Accessibility and Web Standards.

More about my public work you can find in publication section.